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Begin Your Allied Healthcare Career with NCE!

Begin Your Allied Healthcare Career with NCE! Medical Assistant and Lab Assistant Programs are Enrolling Now!      As the United States’ healthcare industry has grown over recent years there has been an increasing demand for medical professionals, and allied healthcare workers in particular. What, or who, are allied healthcare professionals? A term used to […]

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4 Year College or Career Training?

4 Year College or Career Training? Train for an HVAC Career with NCE!      Are you motivated to get the training you need to get started in your new career in a matter of months, not years? A four year college just isn’t the right fit for everyone. If you are interested in a […]

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Why Choose NCE? 

NCE’s student and career services can assist you in taking the next step towards starting a better career and more rewarding life for you and your family. Whether you are interested in a career in the healthcare field, IT, or in the trades, NCE has the program for you!

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Are You Ready For an Essential Healthcare Career?

With NCE's 9 month Medical Assistant program in Citrus Heights, California, you can learn the necessary administrative and clinical skills for employment as a Medical Assistant, and gain the knowledge and skills to test for valuable industry certifications.

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