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Optical/Optometric Assistant

Optical/Optometric Assistant Diploma

Why train to be an Optical/Optometric Assistant?

There are several options for individuals interested in careers in Healthcare, one of which is Optical/Optometric Assistants. Optometric Assistants work with and assist Optometrists (Eye Doctors). Optical/Optometric Assistants are a specialized kind of Medical Assistant, and with strong growth in all areas of the healthcare industry, now is a great time to join this expanding field. 


What does an Optical/Optometric Assistant do?

Optometric Assistants support the Optometrist (Eye Doctor) and assist the patients themselves directly. Optical/Optometric Assistants have both technical duties, including administering eye exams, preparing exam rooms, and fitting patients with the appropriate eyewear;  and administrative duties, including answering phones, greeting patients, and scheduling exams. 


Where can an Optical/Optometric Assistant work?

Optometric Assistants work in doctor’s offices, vision care clinics, and other eye care facilities in every town and every city across the country! 


What is the job outlook for Optical/Optometric Assistant?

Optical/Optometric Assistants are a specialized kind of Medical Assistant, and in 2016, 634,400 people were employed in the U.S. as Medical Assistants. What’s more, the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects growth of 29% in the industry through 2026. This astonishing growth will add over 180,000 new jobs nationwide.


Why train to be an Optical/Optometric Assistant at NCE?

NCE’s program prepares students to begin an entry-level career as an Optical Assistant, Optometric Assistant, Optical Laboratory Technician, or Optical Sales Representative. At NCE, students receive hands-on, practical training to provide real-world experience. Students in NCE’s program learn how to test patients for visual acuity, depth perception, and color blindness. Graduates are trained to competently use precision optical instruments and lens-edging machines. NCE’s accredited program also includes an externship in a medical or retail facility.

Graduates of NCE’s Optical/Optometric Assistant program will be prepared to test for certification.

If your goal is to enter the medical field, and a career as an Optical/Optometric Assistant, sounds interesting to you, then NCE’s Optical/Optometric Assistant program is the first step to making it happen!





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